where we hope you learn about the fascinating weather that affects us day to day. This is a great learning resource for parents and teachers.

Our Story

Who am I

I'm Stephen and with the help of my dad and brother Paul we have setup this website. It's been a good project and I'm going to add to it all the time as I learn.

About me

I live beside the sea on the northside of Dublin in Ireland. I like sports running and GAA, I also like xbox and computers. I've been going to coder dojo for a while to learn about computer programming.

The idea (from Stephens Dad)

In 2010 I had the idea of setting up a website with my son on planets as he was working on a project in school. It took us a while to get going so during his summer holidays in 2011 we worked on this project and launched the website in September 2011. 

With no experience in web design it was amazing to see how many people visited the website and found the information helpful. With great feedback we added more information, worksheets and a quiz section.  

I have now decided to add a couple of other websites to help both my children and others around the world. Been able to design a website and add information is a wonderful way to learn and teach my children about the world around us.